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12 january 2017, 02:10

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Photo © REUTERSWolfgang Ratay Photo © REUTERSWolfgang Ratay The United States Agency for international development Bureau for Eurasia, USAID transferred 378 of thousands of dollars consulting company Devtech Systems Inc. for the purposes of the study of the performance of their investment funds in the countries of Eurasia and specifically in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Emphasises that the funds operate in 10 countries, including Russia. In addition, Russia is more like Ukraine Belarus Poland Czech Republic and several other countries. The objective of these funds is to promote the values of free market economy. Life decided to analyze the activity of American investment funds under the roof of USAID in the former Soviet Union and in Russia. According to documents published on the portal disclosure of government contracts USA USAID in September this year the funds have been allocated, a large American consulting company Devtech Systems Inc. for the purposes of assessing the work of their investment funds including in Russia. In the annual report, USAID stated that the Russian Federation has several agencies affiliated with the us government Agency. However, it is noteworthy that the activities of USAID in Russia is recognized as desirable in 2012. But according to the documents it turns out that the Agency continues to work actively with a number of Russian companies through investment funds in the documents which directly featured the founders of the United States. Some of these funds had already recognized as undesirable. This is for example the TUSRIF Fund Russian-American investment Fund. However, the report also refers to USAID and the Center for entrepreneurship U.S. Russia which continues to operate on the territory of Russia and to work with the Russian business community today. Note the CEO of the company Viktor Sedov gave a positive answer to the question of life about the focus of the center on the American agenda. He explained this by the fact that America created them. Our company was established long ago. First, maternal America and then my daughter in Russia. It was back in 2002 told the Life Sedov. In addition, according to the extract from the Unified state register of legal entities to EGRUL founder of the center which by the way is on the official website of the organization is called the only Center for entrepreneurship is the center for entreprenership ink and as a registered body specified by the Secretary of state of the state of Delaware. According to the information given on the website of the Center for entrepreneurship participates in business development in Russia. That organization is the catalyst which through a combination of educational and strategic

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