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Search the register of legal entities gives the opportunity to find a company for VAT and other details AGROPRODEXPO the name of the company address the subject of the Russian Federation. It is worth noting that a search for INNAPROPRIATE is accurate so the result will be the right card for the desired legal entity. In addition to search queries for details on the register of legal entities you can search in one line. For example when you enter a Director name and company name search will only go for those cards which meet these two values. The combination of values increases the relevance of search engines is a high coincidence of the entered query with the answer that gives a faster way to find the right company or individual. Queries in a single string are in the following combinations the company address and Director name company name full name of the settlor full name of settlor and place of birth name of organisation and address name of the former Director and the former business address former name and former name of the founder. Search for individuals is by name creditlyonnais the place of birth. When prompted for company name address name creditlyonnais the search result will list company cards matching on the entered value. To view you must connect service to access the search engine If you found an inaccuracy or error in the information provided You may tell us about it. Report error The certificate of registration of mass media El FS77-45357. 1995-2016 © Kommersant KARTOTEKA All rights reserved. The use and copying of the materials published on the website the Regulations provide technical

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