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12 january 2017, 02:12

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YOUR BROWSER IS OUT OF DATE. It has known security flaws and may not display all features of this and other sites. Learn how to update your browser. You want to not just earn income from deposits but to further enhance the effectiveness of your personal investment Use opportunities which offer investment products with UniCredit Bank. Together with the management company TKB investment partners, UniCredit Bank provides a range of mutual funds that focus on a wide range of investors. Even if you've never been interested in investing, professional management TKB investment partners, JSC will help you choose the most appropriate investment strategy and financial instruments for you personally. The application for the purchase of Fund Investments in investment funds are fundamentally different from Bank deposits for which the depositor is paid only a fixed percentage. The profitability of investments in mutual фонды1 the long term investments may significantly exceed the interest on Bank deposits and inflation. By purchasing shares in a mutual Fund the return on investment received by the shareholder and the management company receives a fixed Commission remuneration which depends on the volume of assets under management. That is why the management company is interested in maximizing the growth of your funds. The investor is buying Pai transfers funds in trust management to the professional Manager who is interested in maximizing the growth of unit value. Moreover, the management company may invest funds on much more favorable to the shareholders terms as it has more funds under management and may reduce costs by placing them in securities. Besides investing in investment funds allows you to learn more about the stock market with a lack of experience in investment management and to prepare for independent investing. 1 Profitability is not guaranteed. Professionalism Transparency Flexibility Reliability Open-end equity investment Fund TKB investment partners Premium. Equity Fund the Fund combines the advantages of mutual funds and individual asset management. The Fund enables shareholders through the purchase of Fund shares investing in the shares of the most efficient Russian and foreign companies conducting business in Russia and CIS countries including through Depositary receipts. Getting a significant increase in the calculated unit value due to the formation of the investment portfolio of a small number of shares selected on the basis of the Selection of the best Best Selection with the aim

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