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12 january 2017, 02:12

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RSS | Contacts Mutual Fund a mutual Fund is a property complex without formation of the legal entity based on the trust management of property Fund specialized management company with the aim of increasing the value of the Fund's assets. Therefore, such a Fund is formed from money of investors shareholders each of whom owns a certain number of shares. The purpose of the PIF is making a profit on a consolidated Fund's assets and distribution of profits between investors shareholders in proportion to the number of shares. Investment Pai Pai is nominal valuable paper certifying the right of the owner to part of the property of the Fund and also payment of the ransom belonging to the unit in accordance with the rules of the Fund. Investment units thus certify the investor's share in the assets of the Fund and the investor's right to obtain from mutual Fund funds corresponding to such proportion of that is to repay the shares at a fair value. Each investment share gives its owner the equal scope of rights. The rights of unitholders the register is maintained by an independent organization leading the register of owners of shares. PIF is under Russian law a form of mutual Fund. The contents The areas of investment Funds are divided into the following categories Since December 2007, all Russian mutual Funds are also divided into Fund shares are the most risky of all types of funds but potentially the most profitable. The bond Fund is the least risky because of stability of prices for these securities. A mixed Fund, in turn, is a Fund with varying profitability and risk depending on what it includes and what prevail. There are many types of mutual Funds depending on the proportions of the investment management companies of funds of shareholders in different financial instruments and the shares of the state municipal or corporate bonds and also means on accounts in banks. In more detail the possible composition of the investment portfolio of the Fund can be seen in its rules. By the time you can buy sell your shares of mutual Funds are divided Mutual funds must keep their assets only in highly liquid form. Such assets include Each of the types of funds has its pros and cons. Mutual funds provide greater liquidity of funds shareholders. But interval and closed-end funds are generally more profitable since it is easier to plan your investments for a long period because the shareholders can't withdraw their funds at any time is less than operating expenses to ensure the operation of the Fund. Therefore, in addition to all types of securities which may

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