Investment funds: who gives money?

12 january 2017, 02:12

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Microsoft Intel Apple Computers have all of these powerful companies were once very small companies. And they all grew up thanks to investors who saw the business potential of high growth and hence profitable investment. Is it possible in Russia, Which is the domestic private equity market private club or financial community is ready to offer entrepreneurs the tools to develop their business The main players History of private equity funds in Russia about ten years. It began in 1993 with the advent of private Fund Russian partners and the decision of the European Bank for reconstruction and development EBRD on the establishment in our country of 11 regional venture funds. Gradually into the Russian market began to draw the attention of large Western funds and the bowels began to appear and investors national sample. According to estimates of Sergey Vakhterov Deputy chief editor of the magazine securities Market in Russia today there are 50-70 of private equity funds. Among them are dominated by large foreign companies investing in Russian companies the amount is not less than $7-10 million Russian growing market attracts their relatively high rate of return. So in the US financial investor reselling your shares increase their investments on average by 15-25%. Those who are working in the Russian market expect from investment projects no less than 30-35% profit. The most successful in the number of successful transactions and the size of profit can be called funds Baring Vostok Capital Partners, AIG-Brunswick Millennium fund Investment Fund United States Russia management company, Delta Capital Managment. Also worth noting, and the work of the funds managed by the companies of Russia Partners Management LLC and Sputnik Technology Ventures that began in the first half of the 90s and whose funds are at present already fully invested. Most Russian companies who have pumped capital into these funds at all on hearing. In the list of investments AIG-Brunswick Millennium fund VimpelCom IBS TSUM North-West Telecom. Funds under the management of Baring Vostok invested in the company Story First CTC restaurant chain Rosinter Corporation Sladura. Foundation of the United States, Russia has invested in 41 companies including Internet Bank DeltaCredit DeltaLeasing sold in November Baring the supermarket chain SPAR company Saint Springs mineral water of the Holy source, sold not long ago, the Corporation Nestle Lomonosov porcelain factory. The more the better As for a small investment deals that they are usually big foreign funds are not interested. And it is quite natural. Ivan Rodionov, managing Director of Moscow representative office of the Fund, AIG-Brunswick explains the situation We are interested in Mature from the point of view of corporate management

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Investment funds: who gives money?

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