Investment funds: what is the difference between mutual Funds, U.S. and Russia

12 january 2017, 02:10

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News investment companies mutual Funds. One of the conditions for dynamic growth of economy of any country is the effective functioning of the financial market. The key to this is the availability of a variety of financial institutions in the relevant sectors of the financial market.Investment funds accumulate investors ' funds with the aim of placing them in bonds stocks and other financial market instruments. A significant portion of the population have sufficient savings prefer to receive income on their funds more than the banking system. So what does it mean for investors investment Fund USA as popular in the USA and what funds most populyarnosti USA what are the main principles of rabotodatelia most potential investors in knowledge and opportunities for effective investment of their funds is the basis for the emergence of investment funds which are professionally engaged in the activity in the stock and cash minkahanlaiseen funds first appeared in Belgium in the twenties of the NINETEENTH century to the second half of the NINETEENTH century, they became widespread in England where the main purpose was investment of funds in shares of the colonial companies which were given a large enough income.The rapid development of investment funds reached in the United States as the country with the highest volume of financial resources. In the U.S. financial system distinguish investment funds of three types - open - closed-end investment funds - unit investment trusts.This classification is typical of most other countries with Mature financial system. Mutual funds operate on the principles of openness to new investors and new means of placement of shares is carried out constantly and continuously. The shares are issued in unlimited quantities according to demand. Closed-end investment Fund offering of its shares at a time. They are traded on the stock market like a corporate stock so their price may differ from the net asset value of the Fund. Holders of shares of closed-end Fund as opposed to the public are not able to present their Fund for the redemption■ the advantages of investment funds to banks. In addition, investment funds have other advantages over the banking institutions investment Fund activities more transparent to the investor. The Bank manages the profit received from operations with depositors ' funds at their own discretion, paying only a predetermined percentage regardless of performance. In a mutual Fund, the entire net profit belongs to shareholders■ the formation of the investment portfolio. Mutual funds

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