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Investment Fund Investment fund is a management company whose activities are directed at committing collective investment in financial and non-financial assets which is possible as a result of measures aimed at the preservation and augmentation of savings funds from investors which are individuals or legal entities through the investment of these funds on behalf of the company in securities and in Bank accounts and deposits. Investment Fund Investment fund is an institution carrying out collective investments. Its essence is the accumulation of savings of private persons and legal entities for joint including portfolio investment through the purchase of securities. Due to the fact that the purchase of securities is implemented by the professional participant of the market this allows you to minimize the risks of private investors. Investment Fund Investment fund is a property complex without formation of legal entity investors are physical or legal persons who bring their money to the Fund. And these funds are consolidated into a single set of controls by the management company. Investment Fund Investment fund is an institution engaged in the collective investment by savings of private persons or legal entities to the joint portfolio investment in securities. Investment Fund Investment fund is a type of financial institutions that accumulate money of investors by issuing its own securities obligations and placed them in the securities of other issuers. Investment Fund Investment fund is a property complex owned by the joint stock company or in the General share property physical and legal entities. Manages the investment Fund management company in the interests of the investor. Investment Fund Investment fund is an investment institution in the form of joint - stock companies whose resources are formed by issuing its own securities and selling them to small investors for the purpose of attracting the savings of the wider population. Investment Fund Investment fund is a Fund of credit and financial joint-stock companies of open type issuing its own shares to raise funds of private companies. The investment Fund has the right to issue new shares to sell them and buy old. Investment Fund Investment fund is the legislation of the Russian Federation any joint stock company which raises funds by issuing its own shares investing in securities of other issuers, trading in securities and owns investment securities the Investment funds may not be banks and

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