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International financesecurity budgetmany budget Corporate financefinance households Market generality vinokhodova synocracy market Budgetbudget учетНалогиФинансированиеФинансовое splanirovannaya activewear Currency Deligianni managerfinance coefficientindicates managementfinancial control Bank делоСтрахованиеИнвестированиеЛизинг Bancoposta credit organizationality Kooperativnaja companyinformation companyinformation bandhej-handsomly andpension vondrusova companyfederal Kaznacheiskaya organization Investment Fund establishment engaged in collective investment. Its essence is the accumulation of savings of private persons and legal entities for joint including portfolio investment through the purchase of securities and not real productive assets. Due to the fact that the purchase of securities is implemented by the professional participant of the market this allows you to minimize the risks of private инвесторов1. With such a tool as Bank deposits investments in mutual funds are the most popular instruments of preserving and increasing savings of private individuals. The first investment Fund in the world was established in August 1822 in Belgium. Investment funds started to grow rapidly only after the Second world war, gradually creating competition for banks and other financial institutions. Most of the dissemination of investment funds purchased in the UK and the USA. To date, more than half of U.S. households are investors of an investment Fund. Investment funds have the following функции2 A joint investment Institute ISI term denoting in the Ukrainian legislation the investment Fund engaged in the activity of joint investing with the Association to attract funds from investors with the purpose of generating profit from their investments in the securities of other issuers, corporate law and real estate. The assets of collective investment institutions are managed by the management company assets of AMC. There are several types of mutual investirovaniya which are determined according to the methods and rules of conducting investment activities ISI open type is characterized by taken by the management company's obligations to repurchase the securities at the request of the investor. This requirement from the investor can arrive at any time. The ransom is due at the date of issue at least once a year. Closed-end CII accepts no responsibility for the redemption of securities issued by the company

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