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Investment Fund Association of investors for joint acquisition of assets. If you and three friends chip in on buying investment property assume a home for subsequent lease you essentially create a Fund. To understand how these organizations operate let's look at an example. The four friends become the building cost 5 250 000 rubles. Anton makes 1 000 000 roubles Ilya 1 500 000 rubles Anna 1 500 000 rubles Sergey 1 250 000 rubles. Further, each of the participants receives a share of the profits from the lease in proportion to the amount invested. Mutual Fund the mutual funds he mutual Fund is the classic type of investment Fund. In the open Fund number of contributors and shares may constantly change but the share price does not depend on these parameters and varies along with the price of the net assets of the Fund. In mutual Fund shares are divided into shares. If the size of the unit is 250,000 rubles it turns out that Anton 4 Pai Ilya and Anna owns 6 shares of Sergei 5 units. Total in the investment Fund 21 Pai. If the result of the rise in property prices house price will rise from 5 250 000 7 000 000 then the unit price will rise from 250 000 to 333 000. If at this point, the owners will invite two more friends to build on an additional storey cost of 1 share to new investors will be 333 000. On this principle act and mutual FUNDS trading securities. Work in the world equity funds mixed bond funds and even funds of funds purchase only shares of other investment funds. The mutual funds operated by the company or Manager who acquire securities and other assets in accordance with a predetermined strategy. Some organizations are oriented primarily on dividends and other focus on the increase in net asset value. Working of mutual Funds controlled by the state, these organizations report on transactions and provide information about net asset value. In Russia regulatory legal acts - the law on investment funds and law on securities market. Manages a mutual Fund company may not engage in any other occupation and has the right by law to make only on market growth mutual Funds, you cannot apply a bearish strategy to open short trades based on the decrease of the asset price. The act obliges the UK to sign a contract with a special Depository, Registrar, auditor agents for placement and redemption of units and by independent appraisers. All of these organizations equally responsible to the depositors. The limit of the remuneration which the management company receives for services 10% of this amount is payable to the Registrar to the Depositary and to the other partners of the investment Fund. Some mutual Funds Commission

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