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Hotline +7 800 333-66-77 free call +7 495 777-66-77 0900 2000 MSK MON SAT Trade order +7 495 745-95-65 0950 2300 MSK 0950 1845 MKV the days when trading in the U.S. are not held The office on Pokrovka +7 495 777-66-77 +7 495 228-38-99 Fax clientsaton.EN Moscow Pokrovka str., 27, pp. 6 THE COLLAPSE OF THE SOVIET UNION CONSTITUTIONALCRISIS IN RUSSIA VOUCHER PRIVATIZATION COMPLETE LIBERALIZATION OF FOREIGN TRADE The consumer boom in Russia The global economic crisscro Lehman Brothers The price of crude oil Brentпревысила $ 100 per barrel Economic growth in Russia slowed considerably The economic crisis of falling oil prices, sanctions The AAA rating is stable Premium stock market Elite 2015 The B2 rating is stable The 2016 Extel Survey ranking the Leading position Award Leader in profitability among retail mutual Funds 2015 AAA rating the maximum The ranking of profitability. Open-end Fund of Eurobonds, 1 place in profitability for 2015 BBB+ AA international+ national Premium Retail UK - by results of work for 2014 AAA rating the maximum Extel ranking Survey 2015 Leading position The B2 Rating Premium stock market Elite 2014 Best managing company stock funds The award Financial Elite of Russia 2015 Best broker for private clients Award company of the year 2014 Investment company The B2 Rating Rating a+ very high level of reliability and quality of service AAA rating the maximum The 2014 Extel Survey ranking the Leading position The award Financial Elite of Russia 2013 Open-end mutual Fund of the year of Aton - bond Fund National Rating Agency has affirmed the reliability rating to OOO ATON at AAA with a stable Outlook. The reliability rating was first assigned to the Company 12.03.2008 on the AAA level. The last rating action dated 27.07.2015. when the reliability rating was affirmed at AAA with a stable Outlook. OOO ATON is the successor of investment company ATON established in 1991 as well as the Central company of the financial group Aton Capital Group, which provides brokerage services to institutional and private clients provides an opportunity to conduct trading operations on the stock urgent and currency markets of the Moscow exchange in the OTC market and on the trading floors of Europe and the United States providing services in the field of corporate Finance provides Depositary services. Group Aton Capital Group United investment and management companies in Russia and Cyprus. The website

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