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12 january 2017, 02:11

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A subsidiary Fund of RVC Russian Venture Capital I LP was registered in the UK in 2010. The Fund was established with the aim of organizing technology transfer from the global market to Russia, by purchasing securities or shares of foreign innovative companies and foundations, including by joining a venture capital consortium of investors alliances transactions co-investment with leading venture funds. Russian Venture Asset Management Ltd UK is a subsidiary of RVC and acts as managing partner of the Fund Russian Venture Capital I LP. RVC is included in the partnership as the sole investor-partner limited liability Limited Partner. During its activities the management company participated in the investment of three innovative companies including two rounds of investment has acted as lead investor. The target size of Fund, mn USD. США6069 A subsidiary Fund of RVC Russian Venture Capital II LP was founded in 2011 and was later renamed to RVC IVFRT LP in connection with the accession of the second investor's Investment and venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan. Both investors have the status of limited partners LP. The Fund is administered by the company Volga Venture Management Inc. a joint venture organized under the laws of the state of Delaware, USA and owned by RVC USA Inc a subsidiary of RVC and NCO Investment and venture Fund of the Republic of Tatarstan. The investment focus of the Fund is joining a leading international venture capital funds and late stage co-investment in technological assets in the interests of the Russian Federation. Target size pondamin dollars. США4000 RVC does not invest the funds on their own and acts as a government Fund of funds with participation of RVC capital created investment instruments to support innovative projects and companies at various stages of development. In order to stimulate investment activity in priority industries and stages of business development of technology companies RVC selects management companies and General partners to create a new diversified venture funds and specialized sectoral cluster

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