Chapter 1. § 1. Stock exchange §2. Savings Bank, exchange and casino §3. Investing or trading? §4. Why the United States popular investment funds?

12 january 2017, 02:13

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Before you start Shares are securities define ownership in the company. So Ford Motor company produced about one billion shares are circulating on the new York stock exchange. Anyone can buy them through stock brokers and become a co-owner of this company. If you buy 1000 shares you will own the 00001 % of this famous company. What does this give you You as the owner of the company appears a theoretical possibility to influence the policy of the company that is required to take all major decisions taking into account the views of shareholders. Usually one share is one vote. It is clear that owning 1000 shares of Ford Motor company's little that you can influence so that this possibility is purely symbolic. Moreover the shares are divided into classes sharply distinguished from the point of view of participation in the vote. For example, Ford Motor has shares of two classes A and b shares class B 10 times less than class A but they control 40% of the vote. These shares are not available to the General public and are owned mostly by members of the family of fords who determine the leadership of the company and its policies. But it is unlikely you will be to buy shares to be able to take part in the vote when selecting the President of the company. It's unlikely you'll go to the meetings of shareholders and participate in long and boring meetings. You will be more interested in the fact that as owner of the company you are entitled to a share of its profits. Holders of shares of profits paid as dividends. Ford Motor company pays a dividend of about 4 % per year. The amount of the dividend is not constant and depends on the profits of the company and prospects of its development. Young emerging companies can some time do not pay dividends. On the contrary, the company in which further development is very difficult such as company utilities pay very high dividends to attract new buyers of shares. So the Niagara Mohawk Power company supplying electricity to the Western part of the state of new York pays dividends at 9% per year. Why in this case, bought shares of Ford Motor company and not Niagara Mohawk Power Why bought shares on which no dividend The shares are purchased in the hope of a subsequent sale at a higher price. In all developed countries there is an outdoor market shares. Each person can not only buy shares in any company through a stockbroker but also at any time to sell them. To participate in this market you need to open an account at a brokerage firm to send back a certain amount of money and you are ready to trade stock. If you decide to buy or sell any stock you need to call the broker and give instructions. After a few seconds the transaction will be committed. On

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