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REPRESENTATION of INVESTMENT FUND USA-RUSSIA USA In MOSCOW Expected products and services according to JECFA BEFORE the INVESTMENT FUND USA-RUSSIA registration date unknown. Full official name of the MISSION INVESTMENT FUND USA-RUSSIA USA In MOSCOW. Legal address 113054 MOSCOW, PAVELETSKAYA sq., 23. The main activity is Advertising. The company is also registered in such categories as market Research Consulting on business and management. The Head Of The Panos Nikolaos Sofianos. Legal form of BPA representative offices and branches. Type of ownership of property of foreign legal entities. BIZNESTORG Oprocha wholesale торговля125373 MOSCOW, Bulvar YANA raynisa D. 2 korp. 3 LIGA, OOO Moskvareka wholesale торговля127081 MOSCOW, PR DEZHNEVA d. 38A p. 1 TRADE CONSULTING bookoncolorado on the questions of commercial activity and управления109316 MOSCOW, St. TALALIKHINA 41, p. 9 POM. I room 12 KONSALT PLUS Oprostite works and buildings construction работ127254 MOSCOW, OGORODNY PR-d D. 5, page 7 KRISMAS Saobracaja wholesale торговля109428 MOSCOW, STAKHANOVSKAYA str., 20 p. 11A BEST KO Ooopsilocybinooo wholesale trading of foods including beverage and tobacco изделиями117218 MOSCOW Krzhizhanovskogo d. 2435 bldg. 4 TONZHET Oodialog agents in wholesale trade of universal assortment товаров103001 MOSCOW SADOVAYA-KUDRINSKAYA street., 32 p. 2 AGROPLEMSOJUZ, OOO Moscabianca intermediation not included in other группировки107139 MOSCOW SADOVAYA SPASSKAYA str., 13 p. 2 FEKSIMA Zodiacales agencies on operations with the real estate имуществом125040 MOSCOW PR-t LENINGRADSKIY, d. 8 KONNEKT LINE Oodialog in the field электросвязи109451 MOSCOW, BRATISLAVSKAYA str., 5 Navy-OKTAN, ZAO Mockworthy trade топливом103062 MOSCOW, MAKARENKO str., 221 p. 1 STROJJSISTEMY, OOO Moskvoretsky construction участка109144 MOSCOW, St. BRATISLAVA d. 19 korp. 2 PROMSTROYPANEL Oodialog agents in wholesale trading of construction материалами105062 MOSCOW, LYALIN lane., 4 p. 1 FRY, OOO Mockworthy trade пивом121165 MOSCOW PR-t KUTUZOVSKIY, d. 35 of. 1 TSARITSYNO-DENT Auotomatically практика115516 MOSCOW, CAUCASIAN Boulevard. 58 p. 1 © 2012-2014 Directory of companies ОКАТО.net last update December 2016. Any copying of materials is possible only with active backlink to the corresponding page of this

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