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4. Why the United States popular investment funds Are you able to buy stocks by yourself We mean not the physical ability to get to the phone and press a few buttons. We don't even mean the ability to analyze and select worthy candidates for purchase. We have in mind the psychological stress that follows the purchase of shares. More than 50% of cases, the first shares purchased own will fall in price. And the second and third shares may not behave better. Then if you choose a good company stocks Barasti and give you a profit. But how will you react to losing And what is most offensive to blame be certain you have made the decision. Can you sleep lost per day 100 200 or $ 1,000 Loss at the casino is fast and also quickly forgotten if the course is not lost. Shares can fall in price slowly drop by drop drinking the blood. Worst of all to sit at the computer and watch it minute by minute melt your money. Then you will learn how wise to cut their losses but it is very doubtful that you dare to try your luck without paying attention to the growing losses. At some point you probably will not survive and sell stocks with a loss of say 30% and the next day the damn stock will begin to rise in price. It may be better to give their money to professionals who can constantly carefully analyze the market to buy and sell stocks without any particular emotion because it is not their money and have a lot of other benefits to the Amateur There are such opportunities. In USA you can invest your money in the investment Fund. You occasionally will deduct a fee for maintaining accounts in the Fund and once a month send a progress report giving to know how increased or decreased your investment. There are thousands of funds that differ in the degree of risk of the investment portfolio. If you don't like the risk then give the money to the Fund specializing in market short-term bonds money market fund. You will sleep calmly receiving the annual profit which barely cover inflation. Do not like it Then you can put the money in the income Fund stable income fund. Such funds buy long-term bonds bonds and some stocks with high dividends which will increase your profits. If that's not enough then you can choose a Fund focused on growth capital growth fund. Such funds buy shares of stable companies which is expected to increase prices. Finally daring to invest money in an aggressive Fund that buys stocks of rapidly growing companies and expects the greatest profit aggressive fund. But with this investment risk is also increasing dramatically these growing

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